Feature Artist: Diggy

Vigilante made this interview with Diggy not long before our last blog got deleted.

This is Diggy, also know has Daniel Simmons aka the 14 year old son of Rev Run of Run D.M.C. If you haven’t heard of him well you should get familiar. He released his first mixtape “The First Flight” on datpiff.com and last time I checked it has over 102,000 listens there and another link I checked said he has amassed over 20,000 downloads from that. He collaborated with illRoots.com & datpiff to release his mixtape.

The first single for the mixtape is “Point to Prove”. He shaking off the assumption that people think hes a spoiled brat and that he lives under the legacy of his father. Hes really just trying to be himself. If you haven’t heard his mixtape, listen to it below to understand Diggy better, and then check out our interview.

Keep reading for the interview.

Vigilante: How long do you want your Hip-Hop career to go?
Diggy: All the way til the day I feel it’s proper for me to turn in the towel. Many people think this is a hobby to me and it’s for fun. I can turn back to daddy’s money at every given second but it’s the exact opposite I treat this like I live under roof that’s not mine but I’m striving to get my own.

Vigilante: Yes real fans of you, or at least people who’ve heard the mixtape, know that your constantly trying to just be you.
Diggy: Yeah man that’s what I continuously strive for.

Vigilante: I won’t ask much about your father or girls but since were around the subject what do you think of Run DMC’s music?
Diggy: I love i. I mean I grew up around it it paved the way for sooo many people that we know in Hip Hop

Vigilante: Any connection with Aerosmith then?
Diggy: Yeah when Aerosmith, Kid Rock and Run DMC went on tour when I was like 7 it was amazing.

Vigilante: Would you ever work with them? And is there any type of artist you would not work with?
Diggy: Yeah I mean I’m pretty open minded when it comes to raising the bar in music hip hop in its self too because a lot of it sounds the same today.

Vigilante: I agree having an open ming is definitely a plus in music.
Speaking of your sound I noticed you have a pretty good R&B sound when the song calls for it. What can you contribute to this? Does it come from practicing that sound? Perhaps experience?
Diggy: I guess it’s just my ear because I’m pretty well rounded music wise and R&B is a genre I’ve grown up around as well. And I know that girls love RB love tracks haha.

Vigilante: Haha true that, that much is a fact.
When we talk about your sound we can judge you by your “First Flight” mixtape. The producers on that mixtape did a good job. Did you reach out to them? Did they reach out to you? Did you just stumble upon each other? How did you guys (Black the Beast, Young Jerz, Neako, Natural Disaster) agree to make music with each other?
Diggy: Black the Beast and Young Jerz I’ve known for a while now through my brother. Natural Disaster and Neako I met through mutual friends they liked what I was doing and we got movin.

Vigilante: Would you ever go into producing? Or are you 100 percent rapper?
Diggy: Only time will tell.

Vigilante: Fair enough man. What are some non hip-hop artists your interested in?
or rather who?
Diggy: I like coldplay, the arctic monkeys, lykke li, NASA and some others.

Vigilante: I like those choices. Would you say that they influence your music in some way?
Diggy: Yeah to try different things.

Vigilante: Speaking of influences how big of a Mentor is Pharrell Williams? Would you describe your relationship with him as like a parent or more of a big brother?
Or maybe just a business partner?
Diggy: Big brother and mentor in fashion.
Vigilante: Is he ever in the studio making music with you?
Diggy: Classified info hahaha.

Vigilante: Haha it’s fine then worth a try.
If you weren’t a Hip-Hop artist, what would Daniel Simmons be doing?
Diggy: Fashion, which I’m doing now as well.

Vigilante: How big of a priority is recording and writing new music to you?
Diggy: Huge

Vigilante: Alright last question.
How do you feel about the similarly aged Justin Beber? He seems pretty good with the young people and even has a track with Ludacris.
Diggy: Justin Bieber has been a real good friend of mine for some time now he’s a real good artist on his way to doing great things.

Vigilante: Wow I did not know that.
Anyway that wraps up our interview man.
Miunex and myself thank you for this opportunity.


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