MIXTAPE: Numonics – Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills

South Florida producer Numonics has joined forces with IM KING, RubyHornet and DJBooth.net to bring listeners his latest mixtape, Being Cool Doesn’t Pay the Bills.

Produced entirely by Numonics and blended by Chicago’s DJ RTC (of RubyHornet & Closed Sessions), the 21-track project finds the up-and-coming beatsmith enlisting a diverse cast of rising stars and established heavyweights to pay testament to the hustle that is required to survive and thrive in today’s music game.

Download: Numonics – Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills (Mixtape)

01. Paul Lewis – Intro
02. BK Cyph – iQuit
03. Shawn Jackson – Money Mentality
04. RAtheMC – Doubt Us (ft. Co$$)
05. J the S – A Better Tomorrow (Dreams of Shooting Cops & Coppin’ Real Estate) (ft. Shawn Chrystopher & El Prez)
06. TreaZon – On The Move (ft. Nero)
07. Lex One – Definition of Ill
08. TreaZon – Trust in Me (ft. ThreatZ)
09. Co$$ – Time Is Now
10. QuESt – Swear Im Puttin On
11. Wrekonize – One Day As King
12. ThreatZ – Trynna Live
13. Sene – Departure Time
14. Dre Biggity – On The Comedown
15. Donny Goines – Let the Rain Fall (ft. QuESt & Streets Buchanon)
16. Dre Biggity – $wishin’ All Net
17. Co$$ – The Wilderness
18. Reks – From the Hood to the Highrise
19. D.Julien – Wish Somebody Would Care
20. Saheed – The Up’s
21. Butta Verses – Best That I Can Do


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