AUDIO: Laws Interview With

In an exclusive interview with, Laws steps into the Booth to discuss the differences and similarities between the nine-to-five grind and his new life as a major-label rapper, the inspiration behind his forthcoming “virtual duet project” with Sir Paul McCartney, and just how deeply his lifelong passion for the the written word – particularly that of bestselling horror novelist Stephen King – has influenced his lyrical style.

DJ Booth: Late last year, you signed a record deal with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and Asylum. Now, lots and lots of artists who are unsigned, they think that the day you ink that recording contract, that your life just completely changes when the ink dries on the page. They don’t know that it’s much different. Since you signed your deal, what has changed the most in your life, and how does that compare to the expectations you might have had going in?

Laws: What I expected was basically to have – I wouldn’t say more free time, but more time to spend on music. ‘Cause my 40 hours a week was really taking away from the time I could spend creating [music], ‘cause there was no time for anything else. And what happened was, once I was actually signed, the equivalent of those hours in the day just wound up being replaced with PR work, interviews, goin’ around and shakin’ hands and doin’ that stuff, which I realized was necessary ‘cause I was a new guy in the game. It wasn’t that I was expecting my life to slow down, but I thought maybe I’d have a little more time to spend working on the music.

Download: Laws Interview With (Audio)


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