VIDEO: Freeway & Jack Frost Interview With Quentin Cuff

Here is an interview done by Quentin Cuff from Jenesis Magazine. I’ve also included their latest cover and their interview with Little Brother.

Ok cook, now let’s just jump into the album “Leftback.” What direction is this album going in as opposed to Get Back?

I think with this one there was no direction. Every other LP we’ve done, we have had a concise direction and motive. This is like an EP of stuff that we were going to give to the fans. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t good enough. But time went by and I was tired of those songs so me and Pooh wanted to make it as official as we could.

Who are you working with?

Khrysis did a big chunk of the album. Denaun Porter is on it. J business, new cat coming out Cali, met him at red bull beat battle. He’s crazy with it!

You’ve mentioned that you are done with major labels before. Has the indie route been more fruitful? I know Leftback is being released on Hall of Justus.

It was okay, but yeah I will never be on a major again. Everything was a hassle, independently though, things can happen quicker. For example, we never had many videos. It was a good thing kind of but we were always lacking in that department. Now that we’re independent, we can do as many as we want whenever.

You mentioned throughout your past LPs that you drive a Nissan. Do you still drive a Nissan or have you upgraded?

I still do drive a Nissan. I still got the old one I first bought but I got a new one too. The taillight’s actually busted [laughs], so we are driving the new one. Nissan needs to send me a check!

Your music is very earnest and honest. What is the main inspiration for your lyrics?

I think it just has to do with my upbringing. I wasn’t raised with a lot. My mother and I didn’t have a lot. We always had problems with money. In writing songs I would always tell the truth. Even if it sounds fucked up, it was the best way to say what was on my mind. That was my philosophy.

What is the reason for this being the last Little Brother record?

It’s just to a point where we’ve pretty much said what we had to say. Me and Pooh are best friends and when you’re going in different directions creatively, it is best to drop the business relationship. If we both continue to force LB it would kill the friendship. Sometimes people go in different directions, know what I’m saying.

Hip Hop’s new golden child Drake, has said that Little Brother is one of his biggest influences. What’s your relationship with him?

We’ve done songs together. I’ve never met him. We’ve never talked on the phone before. I’m sure we will in time. I love what the dude is doing. I think it’s always great to have influence and he pays homage. Just hope I meet him one day [laughs]!

What else are you working on now that Little Brother is about to be fin?

I have a radio show that was supposed to be on XM but they are going through some things [laughs]. Man really, I have just been spending time with my family. My priorities in life are so much different than a lot of rappers. I love my family, I love my wife. I will continue to do hip hop and work on several different projects, but my mind is in a different place.

Thank you for interview man and good luck!

Same to you man. Shout out to JENESIS magazine for showing love.


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