Featured Artist: Skyzoo

We had the chance to make an interview with one of the dopest emcee in the game right now, Skyzoo. If you still haven’t copped his album, The Salvation, shame on you! Thanks to Vigilante for making this interview, and of course big thanks to Skyzoo!

For the interview, keep reading!

Vigilante: Do you feel that you are an underrated artist? If so, why do you think that is?

Skyzoo: I feel like I am at times, but on the flip side, i get a ton of accolades and respect, so its kinda weird. I’m definitely respected as one of the elite emcees, but I think the underrated part comes into play as far as my music going over people’s heads. Alotta people get it, but then alotta people miss certain things I’m tryna convey, so that’s where the underrated part comes in with me.

Vigilante: How do you feel about your latest album’s success?

Skyzoo: The album was very successful. The Salvation was critically acclaimed, charted #14 on Billboard in it’s opening week, I can’t complain at all. I’m definitely tryna push it further, but it’s doing really well.

Vigilante: Whats your favorite song off your album and why?

Skyzoo: I can’t pick just one because the all mean so much to me, but a few i can name off top are “The Shooter’s Soundtrack”, “Metal Hearts”, “My Interpretation” and “Like A Marathon”. But again, I love every song equally because they all embody my life.

Vigilante: How has Duckdown Records contributed to it’s success and your success?

Skyzoo: Duck Down has been a really dope label to work with. The best thing about my situation with them is they let me do what I wanted musically. They didn’t question any of my decisions as far as the songs, the promo campaigns, the set up, etc. Everything was my say so in the end, and I’m happy about that. I’d definitely recommend them to any other up & coming artists.

Vigilante: What are your thoughts on the XXL 2010 Freshmen List? Does anyone on the list really stand out to you?

Skyzoo: I think list was dope. I’m more familiar with some of the artists’ music than others, like J. Cole, Freddie Gibbs, Nipsey, Jay Rock, Fashawn, etc, who I always check for, but I think all 10 bring their own thing to the table, so I’m not mad at the list at all.

Vigilante: What do you think of co-signs? A lot of artists seem to be doing well without them these days.

Skyzoo: I think they definitely help. It may seem like a lot of artists don’t have them, but they do. Whether it’s at the forefront or behind the scenes, 85% of the artists making it nowadays have them. They definitely help, but as long as a co-sign doesn’t define an artist then there’s nothing wrong with it.

Vigilante: Would you consider a producer making tracks for artists a co-sign?

Skyzoo: Not just making tracks but really standing tall for that artist. Like Just Blaze with Jay Electronica, or Kanye with Kid Cudi, and even 9th Wonder with me. Those go beyond just making beats, its more so a stamp.

Vigilante: What do you credit your great chemistry between Torae, DJ Premier, and yourself?

Skyzoo: I think it’s because we’re all cut from a similar cloth. If you look at the music that Torae and I grew up on, it’s all music that people like Premier created. With that being said, its easy to work and make great records that reflect that era.

Vigilante: Any certain producers you would like to work with?

Skyzoo: Yeah definitely. I’d love to work with Madlib, DJ Khalil, Kanye West, and a few more.

Vigilante: I’ve read in another interview that you like Sade. Have you listened to her newest album, and if so what are your thoughts on it?

Skyzoo: Yeah Sade is a legend. Her new album is real dope. I’m still hooked on her classics though. I bump those like they just came out yesterday.

Vigilante: Whats next for Skyzoo?

Skyzoo: Next up for me is more touring, including Europe and Asia, as well as a new mixtape, an EP, and then all of that will be followed by the sophomore. As long as the people are listening, I’ll definitely keep the music out there for them.

Vigilante: Thank you for your time!


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  1. Amazing job on this Vigilante, props for this great interview!

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