Common – Jordan Classic Freestyle (Video)

Common spits a freestyle live at Madison Square Garden during Halftime at the Jordan Classic. While I was filming Common, I get a text from NYMDOT saying “I c u!! MSG Flow”. So I turn around and there NYMDOT is with Murda Mook. Small world, but in NYC, Hoops and Hip-Hop are the same thing. If you’re from NYC, you probably played basketball religiously. During that time you most likely, wrote rhymes. I know I did. I remember freestyling with Shagari Alleyne before our games sometimes. I have a video of me freestyling in a Karaoke booth in Las Vegas, with Ronald Ramon, Russell Robinson, Sundiata Gaines, and a ton of other people. Jarrell Mills, who use to play a younger Gaucho team than me, is Jae Millz’ brother. I can go on and on.
Thx to Trendsettin


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