Quick Blog Update from Vigilante

Ok first off, were not dead, just in a hibernation. Bence is busy, I’m busy, life is getting busy for both of us. I’m debating on whether to post all the stuff that we missed posting this week. I was busy this past weekend with a talent show. I’m gonna try to update the blog in a day or two, hopefully catch up this weekend.

I’m considering uploading the cover of “Nothin On You” my friends and I did for the talent show. But whether I do that or not look out this week on Mickey Factz’s twitter. He should be announcing something this week there. And if not they we’ll drop the info to that stuff soon.

Also while I haven’t been blogging I have been working on a project for this blog the past 8 months. I think it’ll be 9 months after this month. That’s coming out next mid June. Also we should be releasing an interview with Mickey Factz we did with him late last month.

So reader, please stay patient, and come back early next week for an updated blog!

Also, enjoy a quick live cover above of “Still Dre” a couple of my friends did on Saturday.


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