Co$$ – Scriptures

Co$$ aka Cashus King has a new track produced by The Soul Academy, supposed to be off his project Before I Awoke.

I do not want heads to get the wrong idea and think my whole M.O. is constantly questioning the existence of a higher power, my content most definitely varies..I’m in no way making these songs purely for controversy, when I made NO ALLAH I had no idea it would get the response it did, I make music organically, not with some shallow hidden agenda..I wrote this song before I recorded NO ALLAH(apologies if that song offended anyone, if it did, bump it again, maybe you’ll form a new perspective), and the two songs are meant to play off each other, one making a statement(NO Allah), the other asking questions(Scriptures), and neither are a proclamation of atheism, so please do not misunderstand, I’m merely asking questions…My intent is not to make you guys feel disrespected, but to inspire you to think beyond your own personal truth…Thanx for taking the time to listen…Love, Respect, Co$$.



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