Miunex Article: 10 Reasons Why 24 Hour Karate School Should Drop Soon

Above, 24 Hour Karate School Trailer, advertising a February 15 release date.

Before you read this article, let me get this out to you. THIS IS NOT an article that advertises the project “coming soon” or tells you when it’s coming. This is article that GIVES YOU REASONS, or perhaps gives Ski & Dame Dash, reasons to release this project soon.

QUICK EDIT: Write before I typed up this article Ski said this is coming in August, and I’ll take that.

I can remember this like it was almost yesterday. The date was December 18, 2009. One week before Christmas. It was a Friday at my school. People were all excited about Christmas and Christmas break, as were my friends and I. Just the night before I had heard a certain song at XXL’s Site. We normally get out at 3:10 PM everyday, except Friday’s, which is about 12:35 PM. While a couple of friend’s and I were waiting for our late rides to get there (like about 4 to 5 hours late) I remembered there was this song that I heard the night before, and I just had to hear it again.

Hey man can I use your laptop? Just really quick wanna hear a song.

Oh yeah man, no problem.

XXL’s site is blocked, 2dopeboyz was blocked, but after some searching I found it online.

After amount 30-45 seconds of me bopping my head and doing silly dances to the song, my friend asked me what song it was. I told him it was 24 Hour Karate School by Mos Def. Produced by Ski Beatz. I told him I had no clue what project this was on, but the song was dope! The guy was only like 13 back then, 14 now. I was also keeping this track on Repeat during Christmas Break, even made it a ringtone.

Rap Bruce Leroy, rocking in a b-boy stance

Read on for more…

It was my Senior Year, this past school year, and boy was it fun. Very memorable. And it’s funny, because I spent pretty much all year waiting for this project to come out. In fact, I can match up certain leak dates with certain events in my Senior Year of High School. For example the one above, 24 Hour Karate School with Mos Def came out the day before Christmas school break. Taxi with Mos Def came out March 23, during my Class Trip in Seattle. A radio rip of Prowler 2 with Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz & Mos Def on February 16, a day before I had to talk to the principal about some serious stuff. Then about a month later on March 18 a CDQ came out for Prowler 2. March 18 was a couple of days before Spring Break, and my classes trip to Seattle.

Coincidence? Yeah, most likely, but do you seem what I did here? I’ve matched up the song leaks with important dates from my past Senior school year. And that brings me to reason number 10.

Reason #10: The Memories

Who remembers the Black Star album? Mos Def and Talib Kweli. Honestly, I don’t. I was only 6 years old at the time it came out, but it came out at a very important time. Tupac and Biggie Smalls had been killed recently, and their was a big thing in Hip-Hop and violence back then. I don’t need to say much more about how big this album was at that time.

In a world that is always changing, always moving, and always evolving, the term “old” is often exaggerated. Or is it? Look at all the music that came out between December and whenever you read this article. The Roots, Nas & Damien Marley, The whole XXL 2010 Freshmen class, Blu, B.o.B., Mickey Factz, Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, Stalley, The Cool Kids, Pacific Division, Fabolous, Yelawolf, Wiz Khalifa, Stat Quo album out after 10 years, XV, Young Jeezy, Laws, Capone-N-Noreaga album just leaked, Paul Wall album just leaked, and so much more. Who knows how much music is going to come out between now and whenever this project comes out? Is this project just going to get pushed away on Hip-Hop’s shelf? Which brings me to reason number 9.

Reason #9: The Hip-Hop Community Lacks Patience

We do, we do. But you know why? It’s cause people keep pushing back their projects!!!!!!!

Royce Da 5’9’s Bar Exam 3 was supposed to be coming out March 13, the night of the supposed fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The fight didn’t happen, and the mixtape ended up dropping when, end of May right? Heck I can match up another important event with this date, and it wasn’t Manny winning the fight either.

Jadakiss, the Champ is Here Part 3 was supposed to drop on another fight date. But it either came out the day after, or a week after. Sorry my memory is hazy here. I do remember Lakers were playing the Jazz in the playoffs though.

The Roots album got pushed back a little bit, Big Boi’s album was released this year and that got pushed back a little bit as well. Jay Electronica and Fabolous said they were releasing projects on New Year’s day (Fabolous said before he would release on Christmas). I remember staying up just so I could download those, but Jay Elec has yet to relase Act II yet and Fabolous didn’t release his project There is No Competition – Part 2: The Funeral Service until March.

24 Hour Karate School was supposed to come out February 15, but it got pushed back to March, I heard Ski say Dame told him on a Squeeze Radio interview that they said July after Pilot Talk in June. Now Ski is saying August on twitter. Who really knows when?

Oh yeah, and Detox, enough said on that.

Reason #8: Hype has (or was) Already Generated

Look at all the trailers and push backs, all with almost official release dates on them. Why didn’t they drop it sooner? Last I heard Dame was trying to get Def Jam to release it, which is cool and all cause you gotta make that money, but why not release it sooner? I mean, who had heard of Creative Control before this? Or Stalley? Or Smoke DZA? Or Big K.R.I.T.? Or Rugz D. Bewler? I think this project should have been used as a starting/jumping off point for all these people’s career’s and also would have helped the several other big name artists on the project. But this project isn’t even out yet. And yet, look at all the people that come to their “shows at the Dojo” (I don’t even know where that is, but I know thats real). Which brings me to reason number 7.

Reason #7: People Want It, and Will Support It.

Point blank period. I can remember telling my friend about the push backs, he would curse at those, and celebrate the leaks. Would I not be writing this really big article if I didn’t support the project? Would people be cheering and packing the live shows they throw on? I remember people online jiving about this coming out, and saying they were gonna support it, and buy copies, etc etc, can’t wait for it. But it’s not here. If this was already out though, imagine how many copies they could sell at shows?I will point at Reason #9 for added support for this next reason.

Reason #6: People are losing Faith

I mean, how many angry tweets were there #Wewant24hourkarateschool #Whereis24hourkarateschool etc etc. I’ve now seen some people say that their giving up on this project, or their not messing with it until it comes out. Speaking on which how many tracks have come out already?

Yes 24 Hour Karate School ninja girl on cover, I’m not happy that this is out yet either.

Reason #5: A Good Amount has Already Leaked

Take a look at the track list with me, an * indicates that the track is out online.

24 Hour Karate School*
Do It Big* (Audio Rip)
Prowler 2*
Back Uptown
Cream Of The Planet
S.T.A.L.L.E.Y.* (Audio Rip)
Scaling The Building*
I Gots Mine
Super Bad*
Not Like Me

Thats 8/13 tracks out there already.
8/13=61 percent of it has already leaked. 8/13=?/24 Hours
So Cross Multiply.
8×24=192 192/13=14.76
15 Hours/24 Hours have already leaked!

Reason #4: The Project Is Falling Apart

Ok maybe not. But from what I’ve heard on the leaks, it seems like these guys created a master piece. This was suppose to come out earlier, the February Date I think, and then Ski came on twitter the day of release and said that he had to get some sample clearance. And I guess that didn’t go through, and I remember him saying in some interviews that he basically went back and some people to recreate the samples with live instruments instead.

Hmmmmm, I bet my ass that it was the Camp Lo track. You know how they do, with their old time sound and all. I don’t want people touching Ski/Camp Lo tracks together cause they always make good music. Did I also mention that Joell Ortiz is getting taken off Prowler 2 when the project comes out? Oh why?!!??!

Reason #3: (It’s Not Out Yet) but Dojo is now the Dojo

This is more like an add on to Reason #8. Who knew that Ski was down to produce for so many dope upcoming artists? Seems like Ski was down to produce for almost anyone after this. I know he was helping produced on the upcoming Smoke DZA tape, and also upcoming Stalley tape. Like I said earlier in Reason #8, it’s open doors for a bunch of artists, and yes opened doors for the Dojo as well.

Reason #2: You’ve Got “Legends” on this Project

Look at what you did Ski & Dame Dash. You got Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, The Cool Kids, Mos Def & Camp Lo on the same project. 3 of those above artists are even on the same track. When do you see these people releasing music, much less on the same project together? I don’t know if the Hip-Hop community is ever going to be happy until we get a proper release of this project.

Reason #1: It’s Done

We all know this project is done, why not just drop it already? And drop it soon perhaps? Or a release date?
Something, anything! Dame Dash, Ski said it was on you last time. You holding it back man?

Whether I realized it or not, 24 Hour Karate School played a bigger part in my life then I thought. It’s been quite a journey these past 7 Months for this faithful fan, and he would just like to see the end of the road, soon.

– Vigilante


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