The Guru Tribute Post (From a Vigilante)

I just felt like he would be one of those dudes. Like that family member who you think will be around forever. Maybe you can just say hi to them next time. You value them, or so you think. It wasn’t suppose to happen, never planned for it. Mostly everyone in the world never saw it coming. Not Guru right? The “Master of Self”. Mr. Gang Starr himself. Hes not suppose to go this early.

April 20, 2010. I remember waking up and think “oh great another 4/20”. What people gonna be smoking this year? I used to have a schedule when I was in school. It begins with twitter and breakfast. Only today, there was a lot of #RIPGuru on it today. I couldn’t believe it. The last time I saw that it was a prank. But on that day, there were some sources that confirmed it. I couldn’t believe it. So I decided that day to take a vow of silence for that day, and stop blogging for a week.

But thats tough when your in school and your most likely going to get asked a question by a teacher, and when you have to make your Hip-Hop blog stay relevant. In short people did try and talk to me, and I’m still playing catch up with this blog after leaving it for a little bit.

I’ll miss him a lot. I think Gang Starr is going to be my favorite group for ever. It’s just not Gang Starr without Guru or without Primo, you need both to complete it. People say hes monotone but I don’t have a problem with that. I’m a pretty chill guy myself. It was their song “Above The Clouds” that cemented my placed into Hip-Hop. I was going to make a big tribute post with everyone’s tributes put into it, but I just didn’t get around to that. I’ll always be forever thankful of what Gang Starr did for me and the Hip-Hop world.

I can’t say much more then whats already been said from pretty much everyone. He did die almost 4 months ago and much as been said. From Vigilante and Miunex, this is our salute to you Guru.


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