Featured Artist: Mickey Factz

The Vigilante is back with another interview once again, this time interviewing the former Renegade and GFCNY front man Mickey Factz. We talk album delays, upcoming projects, his Roc Nation signing, collabs, his freestyling ability, XXL Lists, and much more. The interview is quite old by today’s standards, happening the night of April 10. But if your a fan or curious person hit the jump to read the interview!

Vigilante: What was the deal your album, back then “The Achievement”, being delayed?
More then once I think as well. You had a series of videos “Called Road To the Achievement” in late 2008. Then 2009 came and no album.
Mickey Factz: Well we were prepping to release the album for the people but with me touring and getting an endorsement with Honda, I kinda got caught up. Now things are a bit different. My focus is on my project.
Vigilante: And what project is that? Do you mean GFCNY?
Mickey Factz: It’s the album finally. It’s sounding like mayhem. I’m extremely excited about it.

Vigilante: Is it gonna be called The New Museum? Or the Achievement?
Mickey Factz: The achievement, its an EP, then The New Museum afterwards.
Vigilante: You getting any features on your EP/album?
Mickey Factz: Yelawolf, Tony Williams for the EP

Vigilante: So how did that track with Yelawolf go?
Mickey Factz: Insanity
Vigilante: Is that gonna be a single?
Mickey Factz: Nah.
Vigilante: I assume your gonna have some single though right? Pick up the Bass? Automatic?
Mickey Factz: It’s crazier than that trust me.

Vigilante: Any chance we gonna see older tracks on your EP/album?
Mickey Factz:Nah, thats what the mixtape is for. I’m Better Than You.
Vigilante: You mean our mixtape?
Mickey Factz: Mine haha.
Vigilante: Haha oh alright didnt know about that.
Mickey Factz: Haha nobody does, but its 90 percent done.
Vigilante: When is it coming by the way?
Mickey Factz: Prolly before the 1st single or after, in another month or so. Its all hard beats too.
Vigilante: Is the tape like new production? Or classic rhyme over good beats route?
Mickey Factz: New production and classic rhyme over good beats, both, mostly new production.

Vigilante: What was the deal with the Roc Nation signing?
Mickey Factz: The rumor so strong….and thats what it is
Vigilante: Ok cool cool, which means this thing still got some weight and might be true
Mickey Factz: The rumor so strong…
Vigilante: Lets move on man

Vigilante: Do you have any artists your proud of working with? Like dang I worked with Talib Kweli & Bun B!
Mickey Fatz: I’m happy to have worked with Talib, Bun B, Drake, Travis McCoy, B.O.B., Chester French, Kid CuDi, Jade and most recently Tony Williams and YelaWolf… It’s a blessing to be able to have my peers work with me…. It makes me stay on my toes.
Vigilante: Yeah I remember you speaking about that a little bit. (Road the Achievement Part 3)

Vigilante: How did Food 4 Thought collab with Curren$y and Amanda Diva come together?
Mickey Factz: Curren$y was working on his album. And he hit me like “Mick come on, hurry up with your verse.” It took me about 3 months to do for him. I was in the studio and I freestyled it and sent it to him. I didnt know Amanda (Diva) was on it until it came out
Vigilante: Oh damn man, but that verse is so monster!
Mickey Factz: It is, I freestyled it kid, went in the booth and just said whatever came to me haha.
Vigilante: And you continue to amaze me man.

Vigilante: Going back a little bit to your album and your music in general. How do you feel when people ask you “when is The Achievement dropping?” Or when are you coming out with new music? Does it bother you after awhile?
Mickey Factz: It bothers me, but patience is a virtue. I’m not going to flood the people like I previously did. Everything has a purpose and this new music will have people back into the realm of Mickey Factz. I’m sure of it.
Vigilante: We’ll be patiently waiting man.

Vigilante: Next question. You have an amazing freestyling ability, is there something you can credit that to? Practice perhaps?
Mickey Factz: I practiced for about 4 years straight. Just freestyling to myself all the time, battling off the top, no matter what anybody would say. I kept at it. Now I’m a force to be reckoned with.
Vigilante: I don’t know if theres an artist in Hip-Hop who would dis-agree with you on that man. More people are gonna see your freestyle ability on this tape were dropping as well.

Vigilante: Have you ever looked back at your freestyles and used them as part of songs youve written?
Mickey Factz: Never. I saw Ma$e, Dmx and The Lox do it and I was sad as a fan that was saddened by hearing the same verses on beats that weren’t better. It was frustrating. I told myself I’d never do that. And I haven’t.
Vigilante: Dang, so when Mickey Factz freestyles, I would have to say its gotta be a blessing then.

Vigilante: I’ve heard movie,video games, and comic references in your songs and freestyles, Sarah Connor, Vega from Street Fighter, Tim Allen, Neo, Superman/Clark Kent are names that come off the top of my mind. How big of an influence does this have on you and your music?
Mickey Factz: Wow, great question. Well, The Terminator is one of my favorite movies of all time… Streetfighter is a game you can never get tired of… The Matrix is the soundtrack to my life. Especially with Trinity… Comic books in general take me to another place. Taking things from pop culutre and incorporating them is apart of my life…
Vigilante: Do you think people can relate to you a little bit easier this way?
Mickey Factz: Most def. You’d be surprised. Peter Parker/Spiderman is literally me in real life. As well as Neo. Relationship wise and just career wise. Always doubting ourselves but overcoming.

Vigilante: Have you checked out the 2010 Freshmen list? If so what do you think about this class vs. your class? Is it true sophomores are always better then freshmen?
Mickey Factz: I think this year’s freshman’s class was great. I like alot of the guys on the cover. Last years cover had a bit more hype cause we exploded off of the internet but this year’s class is just as great. Sophmore’s better than freshman? If that’s the case then the Juniors before me are better than me. Who knows. Thats up to the people to decide.
Vigilante: What I liked a lot about your class was that you got compared to previous artists. Blu was Souls of Mischief/Common, Asher Roth was Eminem, the rest slip my mind at the moment.
But for better of for worse you guys were compared to previous artists. You got Big Daddy Kane/Lupe Fiasco.
How did you feel about that? And did you feel like the comparisons were something restricting?
Mickey Factz: I think it was great because of the lyricism and the stage performance. That right there was a perfect match. The comparisons were great and the prototype always get surpassed.
Vigilante: I felt like that was a perfect match for you as well. This year’s class and the class before you didn’t get any comparisons so with your class I felt like I was able to relate to you all a little bit.

Vigilante: Last question Mick. If you wanted to get someone new to like you, which Mick would they have to listen to?
Mickey Factz: The new Mick coming up. Then find out about me later…
Mixtape dropping soon. I’m finishing it up now. There’s a track on here, called Checkmate. Breaking life down as a chess board.
Vigilante: Would you like to give anyone or anybody any shout outs?
Mickey Factz: If you can breathe… this is for you
Vigilante: That man, is quite something, from a fan to an artist.
Mickey Factz: Thank you
Vigilante: Your level of mysterious is something that is a great part of you if you ask me.
Mickey Factz: Yea, I mean I love my fans, true story, and me being mysterious right now is only for the betterment of the movement.
Vigilante: Man, you might have to change that line, “I feel like like a true story of faith, I feel like Mickey Factz in 2010” But then it wouldnt rhyme haha. (Vigilante Note, line from “The Rush” feat. Smoke DZA)
Mickey Factz: Thats why i say, “I feel like a true story again, I feel like Mickey Factz in 2010.”

Mickey Factz looks to go big with his plans in 2010. We thank Mickey Factz once again for this big opportunity. Look out for his mixtape “I’m Better Than You” and be on the watch for Miunex’s 5 Part Mixtape Series “The Alpha Omega Tape” coming in Mid-September!


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