Miunex Announces: Mickey Factz – The Alpha Omega Mixtape Series

Mickey Factz doing a drop for the mixtape

Miunex.com is proud to announce the Alpha Omega Mixtape Series showing casing the music of not just Mickey Factz, but Hip-Hop overall. The Alpha Omega Mixtape Series will be a 5 Part series in which each part will be released once a week. Mickey Factz was kind enough to send us one exclusive track for this project.

I’ll save the rest of the details for the jump.

People were kind of complaining that Mick wasn’t doing much in 2009. In reality he was kind of busy touring and preforming, but he did drop some stuff, and actually a lot of his material was out on the net, it was just that no one bothered to collect it all into one tape.

Shouts to the guys that did “The Factz of Life” mixtape though. What they did on a lot of the songs though was leave out the original artists that Mickey Factz was featured with. Were trying to promote not just Mickey Factz, but Hip-Hop as a whole. So we’ll have full versions of those “Snippets” that were on the tape.

Were gonna bring some new flavor to some of his old tracks and some old Hip-Hop tracks. Also the tape will have pretty much all those “loose tracks” that Mickey Factz came out with in 2009 and possibly 2010. We’ll see what “I’m Better Then You” brings.

The tape was originally supposed to come out after “I’m Better Then You” and scheduled for Mid-September. But I’m Better Then You got pushed back to an unknown release date. Depending on when I’m Better Then You releases, this project looks to come out Mid-September to early October. The wait will be worth it, and your gonna be wanting to load your mp3 players up with this!

Also please note this is not an official mixtape by Mickey Factz, just something “fan made”.


One response to “Miunex Announces: Mickey Factz – The Alpha Omega Mixtape Series

  1. Yes I will await this project…

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