Rickie Jacobs – Air Jacobs

Baltimore’s own Rickie Jacobs drops his debut project “Air Jacobs” presented by BuckMarleyXXX.com and Tha Good Life Reviews! The project, filled with all original production, is more than just your average mixtape! Features include 2 Pistols, Rotimi, Artic, Wordsmith and Supe and production credits go to names such as The Awesome Sound, Stir Crazy, J. Black, The Arsenals and more! “It’s all about the music over here, so I’ll let the music speak for itself! Enjoy!”

Hit the jump to download the album..

1. Chapter 1 (Prod. by DJ Tech-Neek)
2. I’m Grown ft. B.C. (Prod. by Artic)
3. My Time ft. Rotimi (Prod. by The Awesome Sound)
4. Last Flight Ever ft. Artic
5. Defense (Prod. by Nano)
6. Being Honest ft. 2 Pistols (Prod. by The Awesome Sound)
7. Yes Yes Y’all ft. Wordsmith and Artic (Prod. by DirtWork Production)
8. Dreamers Interlude (Prod. by Eca)
9. Invitation ft. Supe (Prod. by J. Black)
10. Wake Up Call (Prod. by Stir Crazy)
11. Look At Me Now ft. Artic (Prod. by Street Heat)
12. F.U.N. (Prod. by The Arsenals)
13. MarsZ for President (Prod. by MarsZ)
14. The End ( Prod. by The Arsenals)
15. Gift x Curse ft. Artic (Prod. by Brainiac Beats)

Donwload: Rickie Jacobs – Air Jacobs


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